Policies & Rules

Intelligent School System has top priorities on his Policies & Rules. Following rules, is the main consern of us, because, we humans are meant to live like a human. If we donot follow rules here or some other place, there is no diffrence between human or animal, so we always strict to follow them.


Educational Policy

Apart from teaching the syllabus prescribed by the institution , we will help your child to Develop his creative capacities and his intellectual abilities and make him realize that eventually it is none other then he who must make himself.


Admission Mechanics

Each application for admission is to be made on the form, obtainable from the office or download from School website and must be accompanied by.

  • A copy of the Birth Certifiacte.
  • Two Passport sized photographs.
  • In case of students migrating from any other school, a migration certificate and a receipt for full settlement of dues is required.

Fee has to be paid in advance for a period of 1 month. The last date for the submission of fee is 10th of the month after which a fine of Rs. 5/- is charged per day. fee once paid is not refundable. Student who join or leave in the middle of the month will have to pay full one month fee. All the admission charges and fee are subject to review from time to time.


Parent Teachers Co-ordination & Progress Report

Of course it is our responsibillity to train, teach and lookafter your child. But that is at the School only. At home, it is yours. For an effective study session, we always will look forward to yours close contact, so that you are made aware of the way your kid is making ahead.
A progress report submitted periodically to the parents, include marks for:

  • Monthly Tests.
  • Three terminal Examinations.
  • An Average based on the results of the terminal Examinations.
  • A general assessment of each child will be made from play group to Montessori 11.A

Student should obtain at least 50% marks to gain Promotion. Our own students will be further promoted no new admissions will be encouraged.


Academic Schedule

1st Term 
March to June
2nd Term
September to Feburary


School Timings

Summer Timings:  From 16th March to 15th October (P.G - Nur - Prep - One) 7:30am to 12:00am
Winter Timings: From 16th October to 15th March (P.G - Nur - Prep - One) 7:30am to 12:00am



If you wish to see any teacher please send a note, or telephone school office to arrange for an appointment at a mutually convenient time.



News Updates 

Good News

9th Class session will be start in March 2014.
All are warmly welcome to join our new study session.


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Admissions Open

Admission free for class 5th to 8th till 31st October.


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